Thursday, 20 January 2011

2D and 3D walk

(My 2D walk speed is all wrong, which has been caused totally by my lack of understanding of the poses which has caused me to almost over animate with loads of unnecessary frames.) 

2D and 3D walk 

For the last week of term before we broke up for christmas we were given the difficult task of animating our own walk, trying to capture the little quirks that separate it from any other walk. Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload the original footage of my work, as there is something wrong with the file format, but I have been able to upload my actual animations which you will be able to see above and below. 

I found this task extremely difficult and as you can see from my efforts they were not particularly successful, but I have learnt so much I wouldn't take away the mistakes, as they have really shown me how i've gone wrong and more importantly how to stop this from happening next time. 

The main thing I really need to concentrate on next time I do a walk in any type of animation is the poses in the walk if I can nail this all the other problems should be able to sort themselves, really as I can just tweak timing squash and stretch and all the other principles to go with the positions.

(My 3D one looks like a robot as I have tried to animate every pose rather than just the key frames and have made the positions far to exaggerated for my walk, but I did get the bounce that I do in this walk.) 

When I started animating the 3D animation I accidentally animated it as a walk cycle instead of a walk across the screen, which seemed to work ok but it was not the task that was set so I created the animation above. 

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