Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Life Drawing

Life Drawing 

Bit of an unusual one this week, as we didn't have an actual model, so instead we drew pictures of people from the class and before you ask yes they were fully clothed lol. Any way to start of with we did a task to warm up, which consisted of us using the charcoal in many different ways to get a real feel of what sort of markings you can create. 

Then we moved on to actually drawing people from the class in various different positions with different objects, which I found incredible difficult. One of the reasons for this is as I've said before im not a very practiced drawer, but the other thing that made this most difficult was the the cloths, which for me made it very hard to add any kind of dimension into my drawings. ( Thats why they all look so unrealistic)   

This is something that Im going to keep in mind as a task to come back to in the future, hopefully with a little more basic skill from future life drawing classes, as I think I could really benefit from developing drawing skills in other areas first, which will hopefully make me improve on tasks like this.  

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