Sunday, 23 January 2011

Life Drawing

Life Drawing 

In this weeks life drawing session we started off by doing two sequence drawings, where we had about 1 minute to draw the pose that would then change to the next one in the sequence of about 5 poses. The second one I did seemed to work a lot better than the first, drawing it bigger allowed me to really capture the movement. 

The second drawing we did was one to try and draw movement while it was happening, this task was more about the process than the finished piece, thats why it's not much to look at. 

The next two drawings we did were the longer poses, which I found a lot more difficult but found doing smaller sketches and using the side of the charcoal to get a more rustic style seemed to help me understand the pose more. 

(Next time im going to start with the smaller sketch before I start the bigger one so I get an idea of the pose and proportions, which will help improve sketches like below.)    

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