Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Maya 3D Animation

Maya 3D animation 
(squash and stretch)

Finally as promised I have managed to actually create and successfully export a little animation from Maya, but don't get your hopes up for having a visual spectacular, as this task has been more of a learning process.

The task this week was to create two animations one with a light ball bouncing across the screen and the other a heavy ball bouncing across the screen using the squash and stretch principles. As you can see much to my own disappointment I've only managed to create the light ball bouncing across the screen, which I think I've done a ok start on, I say start as you can in no way that it is a good animation but it does show some potential that im begging to finally understand the program a little better.

The main criticisms I have with the piece is the lack of timing, not helped by some of the odd squash and stretches thrown in, but the piece does show a good little bit of almost secondary animation with the role at the end.   

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