Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Life Drawing

Life Drawing
(Still Life)

In this weeks last life drawing session the model canceled, so instead we started to do research for our new project by drawing a still life set up in the centre of the room. 

I choose to focus on the natural leaves at the end of the set up and conducted a sort of mini study on a couple of plants, using various drawing methods to see which worked best in getting the shape and scale of the subject. 

Scale Project
For the next few weeks instead of life drawing we will be going out and doing environmental studies for our latest drawing project. The project which was introduced to us last week, is a project with a main theme of scale, for which we can depict in any way we please. 
The drawing and research we do on location will eventually act as a building block for the out come of the project, which will be three pencil concept drawings for an animation with the theme of scale depicted in some way.   


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