Friday, 4 March 2011

Props For A Third Year Film

(Notice board made with the back of a coaster and lolly pop sticks)

(Pizza box made with thick brown card)

Props For Third Year Film 

For the past few weeks I've been working on some props for a third years final film and these are the results, as you can see the project is stop motion and requires the props to be made to a specific scale. 
I've really enjoyed this process and the results and hope to be part of some similar projects in the future, maybe having a go at some more challenging work by using materials like metal, glass and wood.  

(Bin bags made with real bin bags stuffed with plastacine and paper) 

(Balloons now these were a bit more tricky, but in short they were basically made with foam eggs being stuffed into real balloons and then tied off tight to give a smooth effect.)

(Bin this was made with wicker being glued into a coil and then a card base being glued into the bottom to give a base, so the bin could be filled with rubbish.)

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