Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Final Maya Model

Final Maya Model 
(Here is my final Maya model with the original image I was modeling above)

Self Critique
Through out this project my main aim has always been to model a convincing environment based upon the image I chose , but in doing this
I have learnt so much more than I ever intended.
Over all im quite pleased with how my environment has turned out considering it was my first attemt at useing Maya to model, but there
are so many things I would want to try and master next time. One of which would be the lighting, as you can see in the final render at
the top of the screen it just does’nt seem to quite work. This is mainly due to the fact that the colour of the light is too green for the image and
needs to be slightly more of a diffused orange, to get that glow the original image has. The shadows are also something that would need
to be worked on a little next time, as they are just too strong in the image I made. To be more beliavable they would need to have
their colour and intensity changed, to match the mood of the original image.
Textureing is also something that I found particullaly hard through this project, which meant that some of the finished objects had an
odd washed out look to them. I soon realised that this was down to the quality of the images that I had taken and was useing, so this is something
that I could really work on next time to get the finished look im after.
The construction of the actual environment useing polygons seemed to work quite well for me in this project, as most of the objects were quite
square. Which is another thing I would really like to work on next time, maybe even trying to create more complex natural shapes.
Over all the modelling part of the project is by far the part i’ve learnt the most from and will hopefully be able to really improve upon in my
next project, which is really saying something considering the fact I really didn’t like and couldnt use the program to begin with.

(Model in process)

(Close up of modelled plug sockets)

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