Sunday, 22 May 2011


Title sequence project 

(Sorry the fonts a bit  bland it changed it when I put it into my mac)

A couple of weeks ago now we had to give a presentation, of which you can see above to Richard Morrison a title sequence expert from the industry.

We presented our idea by putting together a few page ideas that would be within the book and put together a few examples of similar work, we want ours to look like. The presentation itself went really well the whole experience of pitching an idea and getting feedback, really inspired the whole class to progress their ideas and get excited about the whole project.


One of the key things we took away from the feedback he gave us was to make the book pages into a pop up style, so that the whole thing can be a real thing for the audience to experience. He also kept putting across the fact that in each of our projects we need to get out there and experience what we are making, see what an actual old book looks like, take reference images from real objects just get out there and see what you can do.   

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