Saturday, 21 May 2011

Title Sequence Project

Title Sequence Project 
(Yesterday's Tomorrows)

Sorry the update is a little late, but anyway for the past few weeks me and my other group member Kirsti have been working on a Title sequence given to us as the sole project for this term. The brief is simply to work in groups to create a minute to a minute and a half title sequence for one of the titles given, of which we have chosen "Yesterday's Tomorrows" 

(Quick explanation of the Yesterday's Tomorrows brief)

Yesterday's Tomorrows is a hour long Television special, adapted from a selection of well known books to be shown each week. The show specifically focuses on classic science fiction, from books dating as far back as the 16th century.  

Our idea is to have a book as the main focus of the title sequence, with the pages flicking through to reveal both the world within the books we have chosen and the relevant titles within each segment.  

Here are some of the books we have specifically chosen to focus on 

"Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea" 1869
by Jules Verne

"Utopia" 1516 
by Thomas More

"The War of the Worlds" 1898
by HG Wells 

"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" 1864

"The Lost World" 1912
by Arthur Conan Doyle 

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