Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yes Yes Yes Yes No

 Yes Yes Yes Yes No 
 Group Project 

So the group project is for those of you who don't know is a piece of work that will run for the next year and basically is a practice run at completing a whole production from start to finish, before third year. 

The Project Brief 
Is to produce a 90 second animation 
containing only the words YES YES YES YES NO 

We have been set into groups chosen by the lecturers to encourage us to work with new people, which i'm really excited about as it should really push us as individuals as well as, as a group. 

In our group there is Kirk (The Director) me (The Producer) Kylie and Tom who are both very talented character designers. all of which I am really looking forward to working with this year to hopefully produce a piece of animation we are all proud of and other people to enjoy.    

(Below is just a quick mind map I put together of some of our initial ideas) 

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