Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Yes Yes Yes Yes No 
Group Update 

The group project seems to be coming along nicely we have now decided upon our idea and are beginning to take it to the next stages. 

Concept in short 
The story is basically a crane fly wakes up and realises it's nearly sunset and he hasn't found a mate, so rushes off and we witness his hilarious misfortune in the journey and the unfortunate end. 

In the next week or so we are going to draw up a storyboard, so there is a clear route to follow along with creating various character designs and coming up with a unique style. Also Kirk has began to write the script so at the moment the project is flowing well. 

(Below i've drawn up a production time table up until christmas so we know were we should be at each stage of the project)

(Below Is a crane fly AKA Daddy Long Legs who are main character will be based on)

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