Friday, 13 January 2012

Green Screen Workshop

Green Screen Workshop 

Quite a while ago now we had a green screen workshop to introduce us to the techniques used in filming and lighting, to show us how we can then croma key the footage and comp it in to our own animations. 

(Heres a few snaps from the day sorry about the quality they were taken on my ipod, but 
you can get the idea of what sort of things we did.) 

We tried two different types of screen to test out what kind of equipment would be available to us, the first was the roll out one in the actual television studio. This one was a lot more heavy duty so gave no crinkles, which gave us some good footage. Where as the other one was portable so needed a lot more setting up, and was a lot more crinkles so it didn't give us the best footage. 

We also looked at other colours of the actual green screen, which I know sounds stupid, but for those of you that don't know you can croma key with any colour background they most commonly use green and blue as they are the farthest away from human colour. 

We softened the light with a few soft boxes, to try and minimise the shadow on the green screen so it would give us some clean footage. 

We also tried various other coloured lighting to see what kind of effect it would have on a different colour screen. 

Over all the actual shoot went very well, but the footage we got to croma wasn't very good as the lighting was hard to work from, but thats all in the learning process and for that the workshop was very useful and Im looking forward to ironing out and problems we had and useing greenscreen in future projects.  

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