Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Kitchen Modelling

For a little while now iv'e been trying to model the kitchen for our yes no production it seems to be going relatively well, except for the million times its mucked up. It's all good practice through and although it seems to be taking it's time at the moment while I get used to using the tools again, I can already notice myself speeding up and improving things as I go along.  

(Kirks kitchen design that im working to)


Brilliant find! I never knew this before but someone in my class told me the other day about a model website that had already built maya models, which our university has access to. So I asked Georg and he talked me through how they would work and how to access them along with the pros and cons.

 I had a chat with the group and we all thought it would be brilliant if we could try and include a few in our production, although they are not all the best quality and they would need to be retextured it would save a lot of time to use these in some of our modelled backgrounds, as they would be out of focus and not the centre of attention.

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