Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tidal Grip - The Beginnings

The Tidal Grip Project 

For my Final year I wanted to create a project that would keep me inspired, it's so easy 
in the world of animation to get lost within your own creation. So I decided from the offset that this project was going to have to be about something that I cared about. 

After toying around with many ideas all summer, I had a thought why am I trying 
to shape Ideas into something I like, when what I really wanted to be doing is 
going to the beach and getting into the water. 

In that very idea Tidal Grip was born. 
For the remainder of the summer I got to work developing a hand made 
surf wax, that contained only natural ingredients. This then transpired 
into the desire to eventually set the project up as a business after uni, that 
would not only sell a product but promote a passion to protect the ocean. 

In terms of my uni major project I thought this would be the perfect subject for 
my animation project, not only to develop the idea of 
the wax itself, but to in fact allow me to create something 
that I can remain inspired by.        


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