Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jumping Box Man Animation

Jumping Box Man Animation 

Here's my box man finally animated, took a while but yes its finally uploaded. Couple of things went wrong with this one, that's why it seemed to take forever to make. As I was saying before in my previous box man post, it is really important to get the anticipation right on the character to make the action believable, which is what I did wrong on my first attempt. 

On my final version which you can see above I think I've got the right amount anticipation by using more squash and stretch, but at the cost of it looking a little more exaggerated. The characters shape doesn't seem t look quite right as I think I have accidentally increased the volume while squashing and stretching. Over all I think it has worked in this clip, but in the future this is definitely something that I'm going to keep aware of. 

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