Tuesday, 19 October 2010



In design for animation this week we had to get into groups and produce a set of storyboards from a script, which was going to be raising awareness of the crime fly tipping. The group that I worked in consisted of me Kirsti, Jack, Kirk and Lee, which I think worked really well as we all managed to have our say. We worked out the shots as a group, then Kirk the sort of director out of the group made sure we each had a job to do, which meant that we were able to complete the task quickly and efficiently

To make all of the drawings fit the same sort of style we elected one artist to draw each frame and that was Lee, who did an amazing job really bringing each shot to life. Over all I feel we did pretty good job, but the only thing we were criticised on was not having enough shots of the frog being mesmerised by the oil, which is something that we would easily be able to put in and shows that the boards as they should be are always in working progress.

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