Sunday, 17 October 2010

Previous Work (Before Uni)

My Drawing 

I thought I would finish off posting my previous work by showing you where my drawing skills are at the moment, along with how I hope to improve them over the next three years. The drawing part of this course is the part im most nervous and excited about, which sounds strange but I have never really had a chance to do a lot of drawing, as I always wanted to go for the plastacine or clay. This means that I only really have a basic drawing skill when compared with the other members of the class, but this is something that I really want to work at through the life drawing classes and sketchbook exercises, so that I will eventually be able to draw with good prospective, form and accuracy, which will form the very basics of my animating potential.  ( The drawing above gives an a good example of how my work will benefit from the very principles above)    

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