Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bradford Animation Festival

Bradford Animation Festival 
(Trip with the uni)

For the past week I have been at the Bradford Animation Festival, one of the first animation events i've ever been to and now certainly wont be my last. I absolutely loved it, it seems quite intense when you get there going to screening every few hours does get a little tedious, but as long as you plan and book tickets for the events you want to see and work when you need to get to each one. you have an amazing time. 

The event is well worth going to if you have any kind of interest in any kind of animation and even if you have no specific interest your guarantied to find something you like, as the event is held in the national media centre which holds all kinds of wonders. (They even have the museum set from Wallace and Gromit and the Wrong Trousers)

One of the films I was most impressed with is a student film called the Goat and the Well, Iv'e tried to find it on youtube to show you guys but I don't think it's on there yet, but definitely look out for it in the future. (well worth a watch, it's so funny)

(Another one to look out for is the animation festival Exeter Animated 14th-26th Feb 2011)        

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