Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Big Changes

Title Sequence Project 
(Big Changes)

In the last few days we have made a few massive changes to the production of our project, following the inspiration given to us from the video on my previous blog post. 

We loved the style of the video so much we thought it would be really fun to try and incorporate the style into our project, by having ago at the technique our selves. So we went to After Effects expert Pete Felstead to discuss our new ideas and find out exactly how feasible  they would be and he said it would take a while, but the end result would look really cool. 

So now all of the previous pages in the book that were going to be pop up and stop motion style images, are still going to be hand drawn images but they will be scanned in and made to look 3D using After Effects. (Were planning to meet up with Pete again later in the week to do a few test shots, which I'll post on here in a few days)

Other changes  
Also the book that we were originally making our selves was not really looking like what we wanted it to, so we went to the library and found a really old looking book that fits the style we want a lot better (After all why make something, when the real thing looks better) 

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