Thursday, 26 May 2011


(We decided to use some old looking material I had as the backdrop, which seemed to work really well for the look we want, but in retrospect may have been a little bit rich in colour and may not show off the book as much as we would have wanted. (But we live and learn and it's something to think about in future projects.)

(Had to come up with some ingenious solutions to hold props in place.)

Title Sequence Project 

 Managed to film all of the live action scenes for the sequence yesterday, which we have imported and began to edit through today with the help of Pete. He also really kindly showed us how to link up Adobe Premiere and After Effects, along with many other useful tips, to make the playback and editing process that bit easier.  

Over all the Filming process it's self went very well, we were able to time manage well by having me set up and start the filming while Kirsti got some more of the drawings done, so we could meet up and complete the last scenes together. We seemed to have no technical problems (I suppose they will come later) apart from the lighting which is a little on the dark side, but other than that we think we achieved a candle light well for a first attempt.   

Hopefully will be able to post the footage on here at the beginning of next week after we have had a bit more of and edit through, to give you a taste of what the sequence will look like. 

(Here is the actual main page used within our sequence, which has just been temporarily fixed into place.)

(We set up in my room and used artificial lights to have the control we required to get the warm old glow that fits so well with the look of our sequence.)

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