Thursday, 26 May 2011

After Effects Test

Title Sequence Project 
(After Effects Test) 

Also Today in the meeting we had with Pete he showed us how we can create the 3D affect with drawing  layers on After Effects, by talking us through a number of processes. Some of which were a lot more complicated than others, but he was really good at showing us how to work through things which made it a lot less daunting. 

The first step he showed us was how to link photoshop with After Effects so that any changes made with the images would automatically update, making it very easy to make changes. He then showed us a few masking techniques on photoshop along with how to check the quality of the images in comparison to the size, which sounds a bit boring but it's such a useful process to know about. We then moved on to the slightly more complex technique of layering up the different elements of the image and creating a camera within the composition, so we can create the elusion of it being 3D.

Through doing these processes and tests today we have been able to learn so much about how we are going to construct our three animated sequences, along with showing us the changes we need to make to the over all size of the drawings which is something we underestimated. (But it's good we have learnt that now before it gets to the end of the production where it would be to late.) So big thanks Pete Felstead. 

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