Saturday, 10 March 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production 

One of our new assignments this term is to get involved and be an active
member of a third year production. So Iv'e signed myself up to the Pasty Child
project, which im really excited about working on. For those of you who don't
 know it's a stop motion tale about a boy who is in fact a pasty. 

My role within the group is going to be a prop builder, as they need
so many little things to fill the shop. Iv'e already been to multiple chats with the group
to really try and get a feel for what kind of look and scale they
want the props to be, so I can really make sure I nail what they want. 

I've had a little experience working on a Third year project last year in a similar sort 
of role, but this year I really want to try and push my self as much as I can. 

 (And it's going to be so nice to do a job away from the computer)

So look out for my progress over the next few weeks 

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