Thursday, 8 March 2012

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So in the later part of this week we have gone through some massive changes, little did
I know that Kirk was actually modelling the kitchen too, so we had to call a bit of a meeting and decide that kirk would model the rest of the set to keep the continuity constant. So I have now moved on to creating textures for the models, it's something I haven't really done before so im looking forward to getting a bit creative.

One of the criticisms I had in a feedback session was showing and explaining where we are getting our
inspiration from and how our work differs from the artist or style. This is something I really want to take into account in this latest exercise, as I can really get into the mind set of Art Deco design.

Kirk found this really good website with vintage Art Deco prints that he wants to be the source of our texture design, to give the finished look of the film a real style.

Heres a few of their prints below, but check out their website they have loads of
other fantastic work to.

My own textures 

Heres a few samples of mess around textures I was doing on photoshop, they don't 
really look like they have captured the style of the artist just yet, but iv'e just started scanning in paper and other interesting materials to really add a bit of depth,  which I could then add the pastel colours the artist uses in their work above. 


Also we looked into the Digimation models, but decided that they were not for us although 
they are a brilliant resource that the uni has, it is really nice to have the uniqueness of our own design and style. 

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