Saturday, 14 April 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production
(Pasty baskets)

After a few chats with the pasty child crew, to get the size
 and what kind of shape they wanted the baskets.  I started
 to research into materials and working out how I was going
to create the weave. 

I always say with props it's around 80% of your time figuring out how your going to do 
somethings and around 20% to actually make it, but once you have that 
knowledge its something you always go back to and use again. 

As I said before in a previous post I wanted to push my self in this
 project, so instead of going for a cheat weave or painted effect I 
wanted to create a real weaved miniature basket. 

and this is what I came up with. 

(Above I decided after much research that the best thing to use 
for the baskets would be string, as it would hold its shape.
So I painted it a more appropriate colour and hanged it 
all from the beams in my house to dry.)

(Above I then had to figure out how to attach the wire spikes to 
a base, so I would be able to weave between. I found that corrugated card 
was the best thing to use as it had tiny air pockets, that allowed me to push 
the spikes in and secure them with a glue gun.) 

(Above I found that as with large scale weave baskets you need to make sure 
the handle is the first one to go in, so that it creates a solid 
basket that won't fall apart. I then wrapped the string around
the wire, so tightly there was no need for glue. )

(Above when the handle was done and the spikes were all in place 
I painted them, to make sure they wouldn't draw attention away 
from the weave. Then I just weaved through wire, which took a few 
attempts, but I got there in the end. 

(Above as a nice little finish I stuck a rim around the top of the basket, made using 
the same technique as the handle, which really seemed to finish it off. 

(Above Close up of the actual weave on the basket. I decided to put 
a little bit of grease proof paper in the basket just to give it a
realistic feeling.) 

(Above Finished product)

Over all im really happy with how the products turned out, the pasty
child crew seemed to like them and I was able to have a go and do
something I hadn't done before. My only bug bears that I really
wasn't happy with was the colour, which I thought could be slightly more rustic and
the glue, which left a few more marks than I would have wanted.

Prop count so far : 3  

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