Sunday, 15 April 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production 

(Crisps and fizzy drink Cans)

After the baskets I got straight into making crisps and fizzy drink cans for the 
pasty shop. In one of the chats I had they talked me through how all of the props need to 
be solid and how I needed to use there scale to make sure they fit into the 
environment, they also showed some previous props they had made out 
of Fimo to give me an idea on there existing style.  

It was quite interesting having a specific style to work to, but a fun challenge
 which I believe I have succeeded in judging by the feedback they have given. 

heres how it went 

(Above I've never used Fimo before, so I began getting my head around how it 
worked, what it was liked to model with and how long you had to bake it for. 
Then I just jumped straight in and began to model the packets.)

(Above I decided to try and create relatively simple shapes that would be 
able to be to be painted easily.) 

(Above and below once I shaped all the models I placed them on a baking trey and
put them in an low heated oven for about half an hour. I was impressed with how 
well the baked no air bubbles warps and any problem really
 which is always a good thing.) 

(Above when the models had cooled down I had to cover them in filler 
let it dry and sand them off, which was a total nightmare it seemed to 
just take ages, but I had spoken to the production crew 
and they said it just helps the paint to stick that much better and will make 
a much more reliable prop as it won't chip or flake, which would 
cause massive continuity errors.)   

(Above and below I thought the easiest way to recognise them as packets of 
crisps would be if I painted them to look like walkers crisps, it's not 
an exact look but those basic colours get across the idea and, as they are 
background props you don't want to draw to much attention 
away from the scene.) 

(Above for the fizzy drink cans I had to painted the tops silver and the 
mid part various colours associated with branded fizzy drinks, again giving them a
basic colour and name you would recognise.)

Over all im really happy with how they have turned out, next time I 
would want to try and get the sizes a little more precise by 
weighing the clay each time, it's seems a little extreme but it would make 
them exact. 

Prop Count So Far: 50

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