Sunday, 15 April 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production 

(Baked Goods)

After the production meeting I got straight into making all of the baked 
goods that for the shop. Before I left the meeting they drew up 
a small size chart for the products they wanted and showed 
me a powder chalk method, to make the goods look baked. 

Sausage Rolls 
Uncooked Pasties 

heres how it went 

(Above for the sausage roll I used the actual method used to make 
real sausage rolls, so you could make a long line of the same size.) 

(Above once I had rolled them all out and cut them up I simply crimped 
the edge with a knife a slit the top.)

(Above this one of the more interesting parts of the construction, as
I had never really tried this before. In the production meeting they showed 
me how to dust the wet Fimo with ground chalk, which gives 
a strangely authentic baked look. Then once the models have 
been baked in the oven the colour sticks and means you don't have to 
fill or paint over them.)

(Above with the bread I wanted to give it a slightly more golden brown look, 
so I used a slightly different more orange colour pallet. The size of 
the bread compared to the pasties looks a little off some may say, but they use 
a short where the child's head blends in with the pasties, so the bread
looks slightly small when compared.) 

(Above the Fimo I was using was a very light brown dough colour, 
which was brilliant for uncooked pastry. So I made a large batch 
of the pasties, browned one half and left the other blank. The crimp 
was a little difficult on such a small scale, but I cheated a little 
and folded back over once they were made. 

(Above all the finished products together.)

(Above Finished Bread, to which I added a little white chalk for the flour dusting.)

(Above Finished sausage rolls.)

(Above and Below Pasties, Pasties, Pasties.)

Over all I think all of the baked goods have turned out pretty well, it was really 
interesting using that chalk method. Sometimes I got a little heavy handed with the 
colour and made the products a little dark, but this is something I am sure to learn from.   

Prop Count So Far: 111

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