Sunday, 15 April 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production 

(Production Meeting)

During the easter holiday I got an email asking if I could attend a production 
meeting with the whole crew, I had been to many chats and small meets before 
but never a full scale production meeting for this project. So I thought It would be 
good to go and see if there was anything else I could help them with, but also get 
a little but of an idea how a large scale stop motion project works. 

The meeting was really interesting and I got a little insight into how they 
run the production through timetables, which was really interesting learn about 
as a producer, to see how I could construct mine in future productions. The 
sets that they had built look amazing and the way in which they all were based 
in one place was a really nice way to work. 

I also took on a few more props, which you will see here shortly.

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