Thursday, 10 January 2013

Week 2

Tidal Grip - Development 

For week 2 I started to really think about how I could make this 
into a project for animation and decided upon the idea of 
making an advertising package rather than just one film.  

Which would contain:
a short indirect advertisement  
a website 
and APP design 

With all these and ideas I presented what I wanted to do to a 
small group from the class and discovered that Sophie Graham wanted to 
do an advertising project as well. So after a little bit of 
discussion we decided to instead of doing two separate adverting projects 
that we would instead combine forcers and create a package for Tidal Grip.  

With the introduction of Sophie into the mix, we both decided that we could
 co direct the film together as well as having subroles. 
Me as the Producer and Sophie as the art directer. With all that sorted out we got 
straight into brainstorming what the package could 
contain and how it would relate to the product. 

    (Brainstorm from my Sketchbook showing the progression of the idea)

After a few production meetings we decided that we could do 4 short 
films containing a small message about the product in each and instead 
of fully creating a website or App for the product, draw up designs for 
both. (That could be given to professionals after uni and made for the business.)  

I put together a powerpoint containing all of the research and inspiration we had 
gathered over the week and we pitched the idea to the class. 

(Our initial pitch) 

Product research- how we could be different 

Styles and influences in web design 
Brands and products we love 
1st film
Cinematography inspiration 

Cinematographer we want to use 
2nd film 
3rd film 
4th film 

After the feedback from the presentation, which was mostly positive about the 
idea but questioned the content of some of the films and asked how they 
would link together.  We began to rethink some of our initial thoughts and 
form our progression down into a slightly different path.    

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