Thursday, 10 January 2013

Week 3

Tidal Grip- Idea development- Logo Progression 

In week 3 we began to contemplate further progression of the 
logo and started thinking if package itself is going to rely on a strong brand 
recognition we are going to need a stronger logo itself. 

Reasons why we needed a stronger logo 
The logo reminded some people of a restaurant or spa 
The colours were not bold enough
When resized the logo was hard to read 
The fish were hard to recognise
So we enlisted the help of Sophie's friend Gus lane a Graphic Designer, to
help us redesign the logo. We meet up for a briefing told him about the 
project itself and then explained how we needed the logo 
to make the product stand out. He was really interested in the project 
and got straight to work developing the ideas we had given him.  

(Gus's early concepts for the logo) 

We loved his initial ideas and gave him some constructive feedback saying 
we needed the logo to be a little more rustic adding to the natural feel of the
product and he carried on working on the ideas. 

In terms of the Story development we decided instead of doing 4 films we
would compress them into two films. one live action about 
spreading the love of surfing and the other a hand made animation 
looking at the environmental benefits of the product.  

(Brainstorm from my sketch book showing the progression of the story) 

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