Saturday, 12 January 2013

Week 9

Tidal Grip- Rework Animatic- Sweatbox 

Following the previous feedback we reworked the animatic for the Sweatbox. 
Matt on Animation at the start 
Sophie on live action characters at the end 
and Me on editing movement throughout  

And this is what we produced. 

The Sweatbox 
For the Sweatbox session we had the director of 'Pearce Sisters' Luis Cook to come 
and give us some much needed feedback on our animatics. He was excellent
really inspiring, really lifting some of our ideas off the ground. 

Feedback he gave us
Loved the art style
Understood what was happening the whole way through
Thought the message may be a bit to strong
Told us to break advertising conventions
Mix the whole thing up a bit not quite so liner

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