Saturday, 12 January 2013

Week 8

Tidal Grip- Reworked Animatic- Concepts-Test Animation 

After the feedback from the previous week we reworked our animatic adding 
Sophie's character designs and clarifying the story. 
Check it out below  

We also got Matt Scouler on board to develop some concepts and help me 
play around with some stop motion techniques we may want to use. 

 Stop motion with fish, they were quite hard to get good movement 
out of but a good place to start to work out how we can incorporate 
mixed media within our piece.  

We brought in some rubbish and experimented with moving texture to 
see what kind of look it is possible to create. (Matt also went on to use 
some of the tests in his concept backgrounds.)

When we then presented all of the weeks work to the feedback session, were they gave
us some further food for thought. The story within the animatic they said 
was still not fully coming across and they had no idea were it would switch styles or 
techniques, but they loved the concept work and tests. So suggested why 
not really make the animatic clear by using these techniques and styles to show 
how it would switch between medium.   

(Matts concept work)

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