Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jumping Box Man Animation Task

Jumping Box Man animation 

This was actually set before the life drawing class, but I thought I would keep on posting my work in the order I made it so hopefully you will be able to see the progress I've made. Anyway this week we have been set the task of animating a simple box man character jumping across the screen. The character itself must consist of a box with two arms and a head, which sounds a little boring, but its so we don't get held back with complicated character shapes. Again like last week the main principle we will be putting into practice will be timing, but this week we will have to use over lapping as well as squash and stretch to show anticipation in the character, which will define the man as a living creature rather than an inanimate object.  

Pictured above is my first thumb nail of how I'm going to animate my box man, but as you can see it looks a bit wrong. The character just looks to stiff and lifeless as I haven't added enough squash and stretch, to give the man any anticipation.  

The next one I have drawn pictured below has turned out to be a lot better really giving me the right template to work from, just by adding the right amount of squash and stretch along with overlapping the actions really make the character look alive. Also I've added in some more arm action to really give the feeling of action and effort being portrayed by the character, all I need to do now is draw these images out frame by frame to see if the action really works. (I will be uploading the result shortly.)

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