Thursday, 2 June 2011

Progress This Week

(Here are the final selection of live action shots we are going to use in the sequence) 

Title Sequence Project 
(Progress This Week)

This week I have powering on with the animation within the sequence while Kirsti has been finishing and scanning in the rest of the drawn elements of the film, which have both taken a lot longer than we would of thought. Hence the reason we haven't been able to put together a rough cut for fridays session, but progress is happening which is the important thing and we are on target to finish for next friday.

Another issue that has occurred this week is the fact that I have been editing lots of elements in lots of different programs, so exporting them all and putting them into one project has been proving a bit tricky, but Hopefully I will be able post some of this footage on here over the weekend so you will really be able to see how much the project has come on.  

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