Sunday, 15 April 2012

Third Year Project Work

Pasty Child Production 

(Shop Filler)

After I had made all of the cans and crisps I was quite enjoying working with 
Fimo so I took on a few more props, as I knew they needed loads of 
filler for the shop  

Paper bags 
Tip jar 

heres how it went

(Above and Below for the paper bags I simply got some 
tracing paper worked out the scale and made a simple
bag and fold template, so they would all remain
 the same size. Once glued I then trimmed them with 
triangle cuts to give them a pasty bag feel. It's this little 
attention to details, which really make props  
seem real. 

(Above something I kept in mind throughout the construction to all 
of the props was scale, I found it very useful to draw out a rough size of each object 
on paper, so that all the objects where of relevant scale to each other.) 

(Above I tried to make sure that I saved the props and baked them all 
together so that it would be a bit more practical and speed up production. I also had 
to coat all of these props in filler and sand them off, to make the paint stick. )

(Above I delivered the trey of props down to falmouth during the easter holidays 
and was really happy with what they looked like all together.)

(Above finished tip jar with a rustic paint look to fit in with their style.)

(Above finished potatoes) 

(Above finished onions, they didn't specify amounts on many of these props
so I tries to make sure a made a few to give a little bit of a choice as well. 

(Above I couldn't resist making some cinnamon swirls to go in the 
bakery, as a little extra.)

(Above finished cupcakes, I tried to give a few choices with props to 
give a bit of variation in the shop and a little bit of colour always looks 

(Above finished paper bags)

Over all I was really happy with how all these set of props turned 
out, I feel Iv'e really nailed the look that they were trying to 
achieve and from the feed back they have given since Im really happy that 
Iv'e achieved what I set out to do,   

Prop Count So Far : 80 

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