Friday, 11 January 2013

Week 4

Tidal Grip - Story Development- Characters- Logo Reworks 

In week 3 we began to plan the story for each film, in doing so we realised that
we needed more of an angle for the live action film it couldn't just simply be
a trip to the beach. So we made the decision to do just one 3 minute film
using both live action and animation. To combine the environmental message with the
love all surfers have for the ocean.

Sophie got working on some concepts of characters along with possible art
styles for the animation parts of the new idea and I started putting together a
pitch document in preparation for the big presentation.
(Where we would  have to present our concept for the project to a
panel of industry professionals.) 

(The rough story work out from my sketch book)

(We began to realise from the story below we needed the environmental message
to lift the live action film from being just another surf video.)

Logo Progression

Gus got back to us with his new concepts for the directions of the logo, but we
felt that the new direction he had taken was a little off track from what we were
looking for, so we told him to work more from his original ideas.

(Gus's new logo concepts.)
 Just looked a little too bold and graphic for a natural product.

Sophie then had ago at playing around with the concepts he had come
up with but they were just still not capturing the essence of the product.

(Sophie's logo concept.)

(Sophie's mock up web design.)

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