Friday, 11 January 2013

Week 5

Tidal Grip- Logo Reworks- Pitch Document 

In week 5 Gus sent us some further designs for the logo, which we thought 
were well and truly back on the right track and have gone onto develop 
into the logo we are currently using. 

(Gus's reworked logos)

Pitch Document 

We spent most of the week developing the pitch document narrowing down
 and clearly defining our idea, so we would be able to clearly pitch 
what it is we are aiming to do.   

(The Pitch document we sent to the panel.)
(We developed a tag line to explain the concept)
(I really tried to narrow down what the project was really about)
(Sophie's live action style concept.)
(Sophies concepts for possible styles and colourings.)
(Sophie's character concepts.)
(My explanation of the company idea itself.)
(I summarised the style and over all concept.)

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