Friday, 11 January 2013

Week 6

Tidal Grip- logo- Presentation Preparation 

In week 6 Gus sent us through the logo that we are in fact using today and we 
absolutely love it. It really stands out among other products and most importantly 
holds the essence and meaning of the first logo that I created. 

Presentation Preparation 
For most of the week we put together the presentation, Sophie made some more concepts 
for the piece while I made some props and put together 
the speech for the pitch. 
(Which you can see below)

(The new packaging I made to go with the new image.)

(The bees wax bar wax with the new packaging.)
(I stuck the new logos on our bags)
(I made some tea-shirts with the logo on that we could were 
on the presentation.) 
(I made some speech cards with the logo on to present with.)

The Pitch 

Here's the actual pitch we gave what I said is highlighted as blue and Sophie 
highlighted as green. 

Hello my name is Lauren and this is Sophie
And we are here today to pitch to you our multimedia advertising campaign for
Tidal Grip All Natural Surf Wax
Through a multitude of both moving image and graphics based media.
We aim to build a brand that not only sells the product.
But makes it part of your life style.
Our main focus of the campaign centers around a short film that will be used as an indirect
Advertisement to promote the brand
Tidal Grip - All Natural Surf Wax
Live the Passion, Feed the dream
Is a 3 minute long live action/ 2D film Aimed at 15- 35 year olds
The story follows a group of young surfers as the embark on a journey to seek out the surf
of the day. Through their eyes and experiences you begin to see the unique ever changing
british surf scene and the community that keeps it alive.
Our characters are a local band of young surfers, bodyboarders and longboarders, who
love nothing more than what they do. They live eat and breath the sport and everything
that goes along with it.
The film has been designed primarily as an internet based viral campaign for Tidal Grips
website. This will then further be followed by publication on Tidal Grips Vimeo and
YouTube accounts And finally shown at surf related events such as festivals, competitions
and screenings
The main Technique for the film will be live action, shot specifically with a Canon SLR
using various forms of under water housing. Each scene will have a unique layer of
experimental 2D animation placed over the top, with a further layer of grain and bleaching
done in post production and visual effects.
Along with our film, to further the campaign. We are going to produce a web site and APP
design. That will fit fully inline with the film to build further brand recognition.
At the end of our film we want our audience to feel a connection to the sport, provoke
memories, engrain emotion. We want the audience to be able to experience the thrill that
the surfers do, which intern will create a real buzz for the product.
Thank you for listening
If you have any questions we are happy to answer.

Feedback (Some of the points they gave.) 

What is the actual story?

How is it different?

Why animation?

It looks like an advertising pitch rather than an animation 

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